Saturday, August 25, 2012

Update on Castlevania type iphone platformer in development

Ok after some feedback from beta-testers , we have come to the conclusion that magic will be included in the game. So in this new screenshots you will see some new buttons added which are
-Magic button
-Health bar
-Magic bar

We came to the conclusion that the game would be too boring if I didnt include an alternate attck mode. The magic attack will kill basically any enemy with one hit. You get 4 magic uses per level , so use them wisely. Also we re-programmed the hit-box area of the main charactor and started working on art for more enemies and trap types. Also had to change the whip to a sword just in case Konami had a problem with whip in games.
This is a big project thats been in development for a while, and I will keep you updated everyday or every other day with new screenshot and info on the game.
Click on images if you want to enlarge them.

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