Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Added elements to enhance gameplay exp.

OK this is the 4th update , with new added gameplay elements. I was trying to figure out what was missing in the gameplay I had the enemies, regular and magic attacks, and collectible health potion. So I needed a scoring system but wanted to tie it in to unlock another gameplay feature. After some thought, the scoring system will unlock an extra gameplay mode. When you defeat enemies they drop collectible coins, which add to your experience meter. When your experience meter is full another gameplay mode will unlock on the main screen.
Also some of the beta-testers wanted a more realistic looking sword, so I redid the sword graphics to make it more eye friendly. Plus I added a flying enemy , at 1st I was going to add a bat but decided that was to generic. I ended up making a flying eyeball enemy with a random pattern of attack.
Percent of the game done
Coding: 70%   done
Graphics:50% done

Newly Added Stuff

- New Sword Animation

-Scoring and experience meter, once you reach the maximum experience level you will unlock a new gameplay mode on main menu.

-Introducing a new flying enemy

Here is some new screenshots

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