Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Epic Quest under development (Castlevania type game for iphone)

   I always loved the castlevania series on nintendo, Super nes, ds, platstation,etc. I looked around the appstore but didnt see any game that fit the bill, which is surprising since the appstore has been around for a long time. After making a couple of casual games, I decided to look for a challenge.
    The castlevania type iphone game Iam working on is 70% done . The biggest challenge was to see what I could keep and what I had to leave out. The problem with the iphone/ipod is limited space for controls. I was able to fit a left ,right,jump, and attack button but Iam still having trouble figuring where the special attack button should be. Thats the toughest part so far , where to put the freaking special attack button or should I leave it out?
   For the graphics I went with the castlevania handheld version style , which is a simplified version of the playstation classic.Here are some screenshot's , I will try to post something new every 3rd day. Enjoy!!

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