Friday, September 14, 2012

Limon's Epic Quest (Castlevania type game) in appstore now!!

Play as Limon armed with his might sword to hack and slash his way through zombie's, evil eye's and reanimated knight's. Limon also can sommon up 3 types of magic Light,Holy, and Dark magic whenever the enemies try to surround him. Travel through castle's, dungeon's, and even a futuristic world to defeat the evil soul's and take down the evil wizard Zolo!! 

-Fun hack and slash platformer adventure with the ability to use light,dark,and holy magic 

-Unlockable classic black and white platformer mode 

-Tons of levels and different enemies to fight

 Limon's Quest Appstore Link


  1. I have played Limon's Epic Quest which is really a good and enjoyable game to play. If you are a game lover then you can also download Mario Duck hunt.

  2. For sure those are really amazing iPhone games and I would like to install one of them on my iPhone.

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